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About Emergency Fire Protection Systems, Inc.

Emergency Fire Protection Systems, Inc. is a family oriented Fire Sprinkler Contractor based in Ft. Worth, Texas. We specialize in providing fire sprinkler protection in commercial and residential buildings. Since our founding in 1989, we have successfully completed more than 8,000 projects, primarily in the Dallas– Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Our goal is to provide each customer with the highest level of Quality, Service and Dependability possible. 

Over the past thirty years, we have completed many projects across the Country; In states like California, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. We currently hold a current State License in both Texas (SCR-0283) and Oklahoma (#920).

Estimation is always a critical part of doing business. Each project that we are given the opportunity to bid is carefully analyzed, and priced. Every effort is made to assure that our price is as competitive as possible without compromising quality, service and dependability.

Our knowledgeable Design Staff is committed to providing our customers with the best industry practices and building a strong professional relationship. Let us custom-design your next fire sprinkler project. We can provide you with cost savings by value engineering and utilizing the latest in fire protection technology. 

Within our 7,500 square foot Fabrication Facility, we provide fabrication for all our projects. By utilizing in-house quality control measures, each and every weld is tested prior to leaving our facility. We have the ability to cut, thread, weld, and/or groove all common pipe sizes associated with fire sprinkler systems on site.

Fire Sprinkler Systems include many different types of Construction. We are experienced in all types of systems and construction materials. Whether your fire sprinkler needs include New Installation, Tenant Finish, Remodeling, Retro-fitting, Commercial or Residential, we have trained field personnel ready to provide you with Quality, Service and Dependability. Our field personnel work closely with our management team to ensure your schedule is maintained. Our well qualified Management Team coordinates the installation of fire sprinkler piping to minimize conflicts during construction.

Since October of 2000, we have provided Backflow Testing and certification in accordance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. With our current certification we can provide you with testing of domestic and/or fire sprinkler backflow assemblies.

To help ensure the successful operation of water-based fire protection systems, we provide Inspections, Testing & Maintenance per NFPA 25. Our Inspections include visual testing and maintenance of water based fire sprinkler systems as well as related systems, including Fire Service Piping, Fire Pumps, Water Storage Tanks, Standpipe and Hose Systems, and associated equipment. Upon completion of each inspection we provide our customers with documentation to determine the condition of the existing system. 

In addition to many other services we offer, we can provide you with Installation, Modifications, and/or Repairs of Underground Fire Mains, Valves, Fittings, Hydrants and Vaults. All work performed on Underground Fire Mains is per NFPA 24. 

24-Hour Emergency Service

We offer 24-Hour Emergency Service & Repairs. After normal business hours you can contact one of our trained personnel on our dedicated Emergency Phone Line. 

Please call Call us at 

(940) 389-2290 or (940) 389-2277.

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